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Massage & Therapy

Specialist Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurvedic treatments are created using carefully selected natural ingredients that appeal to the physical tendencies of the body. They each offer individual benefits for the specific needs, learn more about the ideal uses of some of the most popular Ayurvedic massage or therapies.

Mukha Soundarya: Ayurvedic Facial

Warm oils and herbal milk puddings face massage

Benefits: calms, heals, uplifts and rejuvenates the skin bestowing, freshness and glow

Ideal for: eczema; psoriasis; rosacea; tired appearance; fast-aging skin

Shirodhara Oil Flow

A relaxing massage of the head and neck precedes a warm stream of oil being carefully poured onto the forehead in a rhythmic manner

Benefits: evokes calmness and serenity; promotes sound sleep

Ideal for: stress and anxiety reduction; escapism

Udvartana Powder Massage

A therapeutic oil massage is followed by a fragrant blend of powdered herbs being vigorously worked into the body to cleanse and exfoliate

Benefits: increases skin firmness, condition and tone; nourishes; extracts stagnant lymphatic toxins; removes excess subcutaneous fat

Pindasveda Poultice Massage

A soothing massage is performed by gently pressing linen bags filled with herbal powder over localised areas of the body

Benefits: soothes muscular aches and pains; reduces localised swelling and stiffness

Ideal for: aches and pains

MukhAbhyanga Face Massage

A thorough, systematic massage of the face

Benefits: releases deep-seated tension; relaxes facial muscles; increases moisture retention

Ideal for: dull, tired-looking skin; ageing skin

PadAbhyanga Foot Massage

A traditional Ayurvedic massage of the feet to awaken vital energy areas in the soles, feet, calves and shins

Benefits: encourages relaxation and restores balance

Ideal for: deeply-felt tension

Nasya: Nasal Oil Therapy

A unique Ayurvedic treatment that delivers herbs and oils (or ghee) to the nasal passages

Benefits: cleanses and nourishes the head, sensory organs and brain

Ideal for: hayfever; sinus congestion; rhinitis; headaches and migraines

Kathi Basti: Lower Back Therapy

A pain-relieving Ayurvedic therapy for the lower back using warm, herbalised oils

Benefits: penetrates deeper structures beneath the skin to help reduce inflammation and back pain whilst nourishing.

Ideal for: back pain; sciatica; prolapsed discs; lumbar spondylosis

Marma Therapy

Marma Therapy is an Ayurvedic, holistic body treatment using specific essential marmaoils. It does not involve any pressure on the marmas, just very gentle touch. Marma Therapy brings inner tranquility, primarily on the level of consciousness, and then on the body and its organs.


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