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Blood Letting – Raktamoksha

Traditional Ayurvedic Method for
Purification and Cleansing of the Blood

Extracting a small amount of blood from a vein relieves the tension created by the pittagenic toxins in the blood. Bloodletting also stimulates the spleen to produce antitoxic substances which helps to stimulate the immune system. Toxins are neutralized and enables radical cures in many blood born disorders.

Indications for Raktamoksha

Toxins present in the gastro-intestinal tract are absorbed into the blood and circulated throughout the body. This condition is called toxemia, which is the basic cause of repeated infections, hypertension and certain other circulatory conditions. This includes repeated attacks of skin disorders such as urticaria, rashes, herpes, eczema, acne, leukoderma, chronic itching or hives. In such conditions, along with internal medication, elimination of the toxins and purification of the blood is necessary. Raktamoksha is also indicated for cases of enlarged liver, spleen, urticaria, rash, acne, eczema, scabies, leukoderma, chronic itching, hives, enlarged liver or spleen, gout, etc.

Contra-Indications for Raktamoksha

Bloodletting is contraindicated in cases of anemia, edema, extreme weakness, diabetes, in children and elderly persons.


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