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About Ayurveda+


Individuals are empowered to find a natural body balance by focussing on the root cause of problems through holistic healing and alternative medicine.


Our mission is to help spread the knowledge and health benefits of Ayurveda across the world.

Through sharing informative articles, advice and valuable content we want to educate individuals about natural methods of healing, a holistic way of living and adopting a pragmatic lifestyle that priorities their health and well-being.


Murli Bhatti was born and raised in India, Jodhpur before moving to Kenya for 10 years and then settled in the UK, Reading with his family.

He is an entrepreneur who founded his first business, a successful computer business in 1990, leading with many other businesses thereafter including an Ayurveda business.

Murli’s journey with Ayurveda started from his own personal struggle with back-pain, following a car accident in 1995. Murli researched several ways to tackle his issues.

Growing up in India, he was aware of the massive influence Ayurveda could have on an individual’s health. Popularity of Ayurveda in India paved as easy way to pique his interest in exploring alternative medicine and finding a natural way to heal without reliance of regular medication. After some self-learning and consultations, he tried the recommended Ayurvedic methods with yoga to help him improve his back-pain.

After healing completely sometime after, he made it his mission to create awareness around the power of natural healing, so he started his Ayurveda business in 2006. Since the launch of the business they have worked with over 15,000 customers. It has been running for nearly 15 years focussing on consultations and physical Ayurvedic treatments such as massage therapy.

In 2020 amidst the pandemic Ayurveda Plus was born. Murli realised he needed to build a stronger presence online to bring forward the knowledge of Ayurveda to a wider audience to continue helping those who could benefit from natural healing and to encourage people to explore the wonderful world of Ayurveda with at-home methods and affordable ways to improve daily living and help find root causes to problems.


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